Awesome ways to eat Gong Tang

Awesome ways to eat Gong Tang

3 Awesome ways to Eat gong tang

Gong Tang (Pounded Peanut Candy) which melted in your mouth is so good that you can’t resist to have another one, and one more, and maybe another one…But it is getting bored after a few intakes…

Here are some super fun and delicious ways to eat Gong Tang !


Gong Tang with Bread

Run out of Peanut Butter? Try Gong Tang with Butter! Spread some butter onto one slice of bread, and spread Gong Tang evenly onto the same slice of bread and make sure it mix well with butter. Best with your morning coffee!

Gong Tang with Tang Yuan

The nutty aroma and the texture of Gong Tang match perfectly with ordinary Tang Yuan. Do not hesitate to try this perfect match!

承记手工制作贡糖 吃法 配汤圆
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Perfect match with Popiah

What are the usual ingredients you have added when making Popiah (Hokkian Spring Rolls)? Onion, Cabbage, turnip, cucumber, carrot… What else? Gong Tang!! Surprise? Give it a try , promise you will love it!

Ever tried other fun and creative ways to eat Gong Tang or Pounded Peanut Candy?
Comment and share your ideas with us ! 😊

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