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  • Heritaste almond crisp

    Crisp & Cracker

    Almond Crisp


    Made from almond, sesame and natural maltose sugar, full of crispy almond in just one bite!

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  • Heritaste original peanut candy

    Peanut Candy

    Original Peanut Candy


    Made from roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and maltose sugar. Only use fresh ingredients to ensure the quality and taste of peanut candy.

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  • Heritaste original pounded peanut candy

    Pounded Peanut Candy

    Original Pounded Peanut Candy


    The nutty aroma from the roasted peanuts, chewy texture of the mildly sweet caramel, and the many layers that make it melt in the mouth with every bite.

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