Pounded Peanut Candy | Kacang Tumbuk

Pounded Peanut Candy | Kacang Tumbuk

Pounded Peanut Candy, or Kacang Tumbuk, this melt-in-the-mouth snack holds a dear place in the hearts of locals.

In Chinese Hokkien Tradition, “Gong” means to hit, which is what happens to the peanuts in the candy making process.

The traditional recipe has not changed much throughout centuries, but as simple as it may seem, the manufacturing process is quite complicated. Check out how Heritaste make pounded peanut candy!


Pounded Peanut candy ingredients

Heritaste use 100% natural ingredients without any preservation. Everything is handmade to ensure quality and give it that old-school flavour. The main ingredients of making handmade pounded peanut candy are peanuts and natural maltose sugar.

Unique Texture

Pounded Peanut Candy has a unique texture which composed of many layers. The nutty aroma from the roasted peanuts, chewy texture of the mildly sweet caramel, and the many layers that make it melt in the mouth with every bite.


Reminds people of the old times

Every bite of pounded peanut candy reminds people of the good old times. Heritaste insists the idea of “A Taste of Happiness”, to ensure that every bite of Heritaste snack is full of happiness.

In Heritaste, we has kept this traditional way of making Handmade Gong Tang for over 35 years to ensure quality and give it that old-school flavour. Check out Heritaste’s brand story to understand our philosophy!

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