Peanut Candy | Kacang Pipang

Peanut Candy | Kacang Pipang
承记 手工制作 花生糖
Peanut Candy, or Kacang Pipang is Hokkian traditional snack, the main ingredients are Peanuts Sesame and maltose sugar. There are a boat load of peanuts in single piece of Kacang pipang, which is music to any peanut-lover’s ears.

Peanut Candy or Kacang Pipang is made from roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and maltose sugar. Heritaste insist to use only natural and fresh ingredients when making peanut candy, to ensure the quality and taste.

Peanut Candy or Kacang Pipang has a crunchy texture. The sweetness level is just nice, maltose sugar mixed really well with the ingredients. The peanut aroma is strong, you can definitely  smell it while having it.

承记 手工制作 花生糖

The crunchy peanut candy is delicious and pair well with almost anything! A strong cup of  local coffee, an afternoon tea, and it even match perfectly with a pint of beer!

Considered a lot of our customers can’t take too much sweet, Heritaste specially created Salted flavour peanut candy for them.

咸香 豆糖 花生糖

Peanut Candy, this Heritaste Signature product is our customers’ all time favourite. In Heritaste, we has kept this traditional way of making Handmade Peanut Candy for over 35 years to ensure quality and give it that old-school flavour. Check out Heritaste’s brand story to understand our philosophy!

If you are peanut-lover, make sure you check out our another Signature product – Pounded Peanut Candy, or Kacang Tumbuk too if you haven’t.

  • Heritaste original peanut candy

    Peanut Candy

    Original Peanut Candy


    Made from roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and maltose sugar. Only use fresh ingredients to ensure the quality and taste of peanut candy.

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  • Heritaste salted peanut candy

    Peanut Candy

    Salted Peanut Candy


    Specially created Salted flavour for customers who can’t take too much sweet. Made from roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and maltose sugar.

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