How to Handmade Gong Tang

How to Handmade Gong Tang

behind the scene: How we make gong tang

Heritaste use 100% natural ingredients without any preservation to make pounded peanut candy or Kacang Tumbuk (Gong Tang). Everything is handmade to ensure quality and give it that old-school flavour. The main ingredients of making handmade gong tang are peanuts and natural maltose sugar.

STEP 1 : Prepare ingredients

The peanuts are roasted and crushed until powdery fine, then mixed with maltose sugar, which has been slowly melted down into a caramel sauce.

STEP 2: Making the Outer layer of Gong Tang

Next comes the long process of rolling it out, stretching the mixture, and folding it over and over again. This allows it to form a unique texture composed of many brittle layers, the signature of any Pounded Peanut Candy or Gong Tang.

Step 3: Wrap the filling and cut it into bite size

It is then laid into one long strip and chopped into bite-sized chunks. The workers then manually wrap them up individually before packaging them.


What people love about it:

the nutty aroma from the roasted peanuts, chewy texture of the mildly sweet caramel, and the many layers that make it melt in the mouth with every bite.

Original-flavour gong-tang

Handmade gong tang Come in different flavours

We also makes Gong Tang in different flavours, like original Gong Tang, less sugar Gong Tang, and Oreo flavour Gong Tang to cater to modern customers.

In Heritaste, we has kept this traditional way of making Handmade Gong Tang for over 35 years to ensure quality and give it that old-school flavour. Check out Heritaste’s brand story to understand our philosophy!

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